Verbal Lease Agreements In South Africa

The second scenario is when a lease has expired, but the tenant has permission from the landlord to stay in the property from one month to the next. In some countries, this is called the “tenant after gratuity”. This can happen because a tenant has purchased real estate and is waiting for an entry date. or the owner of the property plans the sale and does not want to commit to a long rental period, but is happy that the tenant lives on the property while looking for alternative housing. Or there may be minor violations of the rental agreement, which are not serious enough to incite the landlord to eviction, but they do not want to renew the lease. The tenant may be given a few extra months from one month to the next in order to avoid homelessness in the search for another dwelling. Renting your property or renting a property by a landlord shouldn`t be a difficult process, but it can become stressful if a tenant or lessor doesn`t meet their obligations with respect to the lease. Soon, this Council will not be relevant. The Rental Housing Amendment Act 35 of 2014 requires landlords to provide a written lease to tenants. Hearings are no longer binding. The Rent Modification Act applies immediately to new rental contracts and landlords have six months to bring existing contracts into line with the new legislation.

At the time of the letter of the law, the law has not yet been made public and no date of entry into force has yet been announced. We will keep readers of this blog informed. The first action plan should be to go to the owner and file the complaint in writing. .