About Us

“Glycyrrhiza Glabra” Co, Ltd is a private company. The company was opened in 1990, and since then was selling licorice root, and processing it into thick licorice extract. Both licorce root and licorice extract, produced by our company, correspond the Governmental Standart (GOST 22839-88 and GOST 22840-77). At present, the company has the capacities to produce 200 tons of thick licorice extract per year, with the humidity from 32 to 38%, containing not less than 14% of glycyrrhizinic acid.  The Company has its own plant in the Republic of Karakalpakstan, where the root is being grown, gathered and processed. The capacity of the plant is equal to 3000 tons of root per year. Also, the plant includes the root cutting production, which offers  root cutted by way of lobes.  The capacity of this production is 100 tons root per month, with 50 employees working on it. There is also an area, where the root is being pressed and dispatched, with the capacity of 1000 tons per year. The weight of  pack is 100-150 kg, and the size is 60x80x60. The pack is binded by the wire or packaging tape. The procurement of the root is made on the companiy’s own plantations.

The specialists, who are the employees of the “Glycyrrhiza Glabra”, are working since the foundation of the company, and they are highly technical skilled workers in this area. At present, the company is starting the production of  further processing of root and extract into the final products (swees, halva, syrup of licorice root, powder of licorice root, etc.)

We are inviting potential partners, and we are ready for all kinds of coopeartion, starting from sales of goods, on favourable for you terms, and also to the discussion of mutual cooperation in the work of “Glycyrrhiza Glabra” Co, Ltd.


Yusupov Salikh,

the owner.

Our products

We’re the only company in Uzbekistan, which has a full cycle of growing and processing of licorice root.


Licorice root

We can offer you different types of licorice root – sticks or presse.


Slices of licorice

We can also cut licorice root in slices, which are popular in Korean market.


Thick extract of licorice root

We can also cut licorice root in slices, which are popular in Korean market.


Powder of licorice extract

From our extract we are also producing powder.



Here you can find our certificates. All certificates are packed into .zip archives. Archives include both russian and english versions of certificates.


Certificate for Thick Extract

Click here to download certificate for thick extract.


Certificates for slices of licorice

Click here to download certificate for thick extract.


Certificate for licorice sticks

Click here to download a certificate for sticks of licorice root.


Governmental Standart (rus)

Click here to download Governmental Standart for licorice root and extract. Unfortunately, it is available only in Russian.



Licorice root plantation and processing base. Republic of Karakalpakstan.

Licorice extract plant, Tashkent city.